Digital Transformation


Episode 4 - Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has underpinned an IT spending boom over the last two to three years. 

But some are predicting that the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate this trend as more firms put technology at the heart of their businesses in areas such as remote capabilities and automation. 

The pandemic has led to a crisis in public health, the economy, and in society at large. 

But it has also showcased the power of technology. 

Now some onlookers are predicting a further wave of investment in digital transformation projects post-Coronavirus. 

"Businesses that were hesitant to move forward on digital because things were going reasonably well and they didn't really want to disrupt things, that now is out of the window,” advertising mogul Martin Sorrell recently told Sky News. 

This episode, part of CRN and Channel Partner Insight’s Deskflix series, will look at how firms may see technology differently in the wake of the current crisis, and what hardware, software and services firms are likely to demand from the channel as they accelerate IT investments. 

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Opening Remarks

Tom Wright, Managing Editor, CRN

Panel Discussion: Hitting the digital transformation jackpot

COVID fuelled “two years of transformation in two months”, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and will “accelerate the digital revolution” – in the words of advertising mogul Martin Sorrell.

The pandemic has made individuals and organisations even more reliant on technology.

But how can resellers and MSPs ensure that customers entrust them – and not a competitor – in helping them as they put technology deeper into the hearts of their business?

This panel debate will see industry bosses Emma de Sousa (Insight), Phil Doye (Boxxe) and Graeme Watt (Softcat) go head to head on the digital transformation opportunity for the channel. 

Phil Doye, CEO, boxxe
Emma de Sousa, Senior Vice President, Insight
Graeme Watt, CEO, Softcat

Agilitas: Accelerating digital transformation to deliver next generation channel services
  • How are you restructuring your business to embrace the new world?
  • Where are you investing to differentiate both today and looking to the future?
  • The opportunity is now. How do you demonstrate to your customers how intrinsic you are to them?
  • Taking a sustainable approach to annuity services is becoming more important to customers. What are you doing to access this margin-rich, repeatable revenue?

Shaun Lynn, CEO, Agilitas

Okta: Blurring the network boundaries securely

Digital Transformation & the COVID crisis has changed the overall business landscape & the way most businesses and employees work forever. But how are organisations managing the associated security risks with new technology adoption and remote working? Chris Collier, Technical Manager at Distology discusses:

  • The convergence of our business & home lives in the wake of COVID.
  • How technology has been the critical enabler of this paradigm shift.
  • Common security challenges and associated risks businesses have faced with new technologies and ways of working.
  • How organisations can adapt and augment their current strategies to reduce risk going forward.

Chris Collier, Technical Manager, Distology

In Conversation with Lorrin White

In session with the Bamboo Tech Business Architecture and Technology Director, Phil Thomas and Lorrin White, CEO, this 30 minute interview will cover how to engage your end users in Digital Transformation. Tune in to hear about positioning, conversation hooks and how to run workshops once interest is piqued.

Phil Thomas, Business Architecture and Technology Director, Bamboo Technology Group
Lorrin White, CEO, Bamboo Technology Group

Closing Remarks

Tom Wright, Managing Editor, CRN

Episode 4 Speakers

Technical Manager
Senior Vice President UK & Marketing EMEA
Bamboo Technology Group
Business Architecture and Technology Director
Bamboo Technology Group
Agilitas IT Solutions
Managing Editor