Episode 5 - The Power of the Channel

The channel has earned its stripes during the COVID-19 crisis, with vendors, distributors, resellers and specialist services firms pulling together to equip critical front-line workers and help customers adopt remote working.

If the channel’s role in the world of business and wider society occasionally flies under the radar, recent events have provided a high-profile case study showcasing its essential nature.

Without the army of SIs, MSPs, VARs, consultancies and ISVs that make up the channel ecosystem, vendors would have had no chance of equipping businesses and frontline workers with the technology they need to survive the crisis.

The channel has stepped up, but further challenges lie ahead…

Join us on CRN Deskflix as we reflect on how COVID-19 has provided the perfect case study for the power of the channel, and look at what further challenges resellers and MSPs will need to meet in the coming months.